Welcome to Denos Communications

We are a company that specializes in the Self Storage, Mini Storage and the Moving and Storage Industries, where we provide advertising, website design and search engine optimization. Our clients  have enjoyed and experienced growth and success due to their relationship with Denos Communications. Our main website www.ineedstorage.com has a been one of the top websites for self storage advertisers.

Self Storage advertising is not just about the Yellow Pages.

Denos Communication websites has had visitors from all over the United States and other countries around the world including Japan, Russia, China, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Brazil, Belgium, Finland, New Zealand, Spain, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Jordan and Italy. Current industry resources attribute 15% of new self storage business to the internet with an estimated growth to 40% with in the next 5 years. This only makes sense, especially for relocations greater the 200 miles, this market has no access to your local yellow page ad. Don't miss out on early self storage internet advertising opportunities. The sooner you make your presence on the world wide web is when you will seize the benefits of greater income and growth.


If you own or operate a quality self storage, mini storage or moving & storage company let us help you get the word out to those looking for storage needs in your markets. For the cost per acquisition, you just can't find a better deal then internet advertising, we have the knowledge to help you to establish great website positioning and popularity.